What happened to Andrae? (openarms) wrote in kcriddle,
What happened to Andrae?

Level 99

God created Kel....

I'm totally stumped by this level. The KCR forum is useless - telling us to go somewhere? Could someone drop a hint or two?

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September 15 2005, 17:27:50 UTC 11 years ago

yes, a hint please
This level is weird. To do it the propper way you do need to go somewhere... well many places... and the source clue tells you where to go. I found the answer to this level a different way; someone gave me their own clues to what the username : password was. Here's the clues you would use if you want to get it the way I did.
In the beginning... God created Kel... Creation of Kel? What's that? Or better yet, when is that? After you get that Calliope's posts may start to help you.
This is Videomaniac505@hotmail.com again, if you want to e-mail me.

Level 99


May 10 2007, 13:12:27 UTC 10 years ago

I have my version of what the message says, something about kel's birthday month and year in roman numerals reversed will give you the un:pw. Am I right?