kcrisggmefired (kcrisggmefired) wrote in kcriddle,

Level 95

ROADBLOCK! I was moving along pretty good with this one earlier... I found my 5 pics with a quickness, located the image I needed and went to the new place it referenced. I realized immediately I needed to determine a password here. So, after trying everything from the original source with no luck, I started reading around the FAQ sections and then even the Account Options section where I noticed that three of the numbers from the source were used in this section and were actually directly related to what we are dealing with... which is determining the Read Only Password so we can get access to this image. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue where to go now. I'm assuming it has something to do with the remaining two numbers from the source but not having any luck matching them with anything. Any suggestions or comments?

N/M - SOLVED! What was needed is in the original source. My problem was I had tried too many things and I just needed to wait a while before trying passwords again. Once I did what it asked, I got what I needed! Maybe this will help those who get here and have the same problems!
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